What To Do About Sleep When Your Child Is Sick

Realizing your kiddo is sick has got to be one of the worst feelings as a parent.  When they’re miserable and there’s little you can do to really make them feel better just leaves you feeling helpless and unprepared in your parenting. I know, cause I’ve been there. Between my 3 girlies, our home has seen a fair amount of … Read More

Saying Goodnight to Night Feeds

When my babies were new, the night feeds were real. And I’m sure it’s the same for you! Tiny tummies need filling often – and that’s how it should be! But eventually, babies get bigger and more capable of going longer stretches in between feeds. But I know there are a lot of questions that swirl around night feeds because … Read More

Resetting Those Dreaded Short Naps

Has anyone actually felt better after a quick nap? Sometimes as adults, even a 20 minute power nap can be enough to take the edge off, but when your body really needs an hour of rest, you wake up cranky and still feel tired. When your baby only gets 20 minutes of the hour they need, it’s no wonder they … Read More


I’m not joking when I say that making the transition from a crib to a “big kid bed” is a question I get really often. And I get it! It’s about as big a transition for your kiddo as it is for their parents. You remember bringing this tiny bundle home and putting them in their crib, and suddenly it seems they’re ready to leave their crib snoozing days behind them. Cue the waterworks!


Regressions can be tough, but they’re actually a good thing! It means your kiddo is learning a new skill – it’s just that they keep trying to learn that skill and their little brains won’t power down for the night until they master it.

Prepping Your Nursery For Summer

PREPPING YOUR NURSERY FOR SUMMER Now that the snow has (finally!) melted and the birds have made their appearance, at last I can start thinking about summer. I’m trading scarves, wool everything, and shoveling, for shorts, sun tans, and many nights by the fire. I can’t wait! But right about now is when the client questions roll in about keeping … Read More

So….what exactly IS a sleep association

So… What exactly IS a Sleep Association? A Sleep association is anything that your little one identifies with going to sleep. It can be anything that they associate (Duh!) with sleeping. And before we go any further, let’s get one thing out of the way; I’m not here to tell you what is a good or bad sleep association.  Got … Read More

How to Thrive During the 4 Month Sleep Regression

I’ll be honest, the 4 Month Sleep Regression can be a real doozy. It’s often the first time where baby’s sleep goes off the rails for parents. When I was a new mom, we were barely surviving on the amount of sleep we were getting, and then that first regression hit, and it felt like we wouldn’t get through it. … Read More

5 Signs It’s Time To Stop Swaddling Your Baby

If I could give new parents just one piece of advice, it would be to swaddle their newborn.  Swaddling is an effective technique to help soothe newborns as they adjust to life outside the womb. I swaddled my girls right from the get-go and it was truly a lifesaver during the first couple of months. By wrapping them up tightly, … Read More

5 easy steps to safe and effective sleep

safe sleep

“How can I keep my baby safe when they sleep?” If I had a nickel… I LOVE hearing this question because I am all about equipping parents with the knowledge and tips on how to keep their little one slumbering safely. I’m sure you’re doing (or not doing!) many of these already, but it’s always, always, always good to stay … Read More

Holiday Gift Guide For A Better Night’s Sleep

When becoming a new parent there are thousands of products and hundreds of different sources telling you what to buy. As a Pediatric Sleep Coach, I know how important sleep is and want to help you give the gift of a good night’s rest this Holiday season. All of the products featured are ones I have used with my own … Read More

3 Common Sleep Mistakes Parents Make

Parenting is tough, we all know that. Our babies didn’t come with a manual and as parents it’s up to us to figure out how this all works. Sometimes we get it right and other times we mess it up. Mistakes happen in every other aspect of our life so it’s bound to happen in the realm of parenting, too. … Read More