How Developmental Milestones Affect Sleep

So you’ve sleep trained your baby or toddler and have created a nice routine. Everything is like clockwork until … BAM. Suddenly, your little one is waking up multiple times a night. Hello, developmental milestones! These transitions, while exciting, can make for some pretty rough nights. But don’t worry! I’m sharing what to look out for and how to help your … Read More

3 Sleep Tips to Make Traveling with Babies a Breeze

Learn three ways to help your little ones get the sleep they need while traveling.

Traveling with babies can be overwhelming, right? The thought of vacationing with your little one might leave you wondering why you booked that “relaxing”  vacation in the first place. I get it, sister. You’re worried your baby won’t feel comfortable in a new place, or your toddler will be too overwhelmed, excited, and wound up to settle down. And what … Read More

3 Sleep Training Studies to Help You Feel Confident

When it comes to sleep training, it seems like everyone–from your mother-in-law to complete strangers–has opinions, which is why I’m sharing 3 sleep training studies to help you feel confident about sleep training. Do a little research before deciding if sleep training is right for your family. Why? You’ll have more confidence in your decision, and the research will equip … Read More

Nightmares Vs. Night terrors

Nightmares Vs. Night terrors

Are you familiar with the difference between nightmares and night terrors? I often hear parents claim their child suffers from night terrors, but upon getting additional information, it is clear that what their child is experiencing is a nightmare and not night terrors.

Sleep needs from newborn to 3+ years

Sleep needs

Babies are only babies for so long with ever-changing sleep needs. Multiple naps a day and early bedtimes don’t make a life sentence; instead, it’s a short, short phase of their lives. More often than not, people are unaware of just how much sleep babies and children need.

I have a confession: I co-slept with my baby

co sleeping

I feel that even speaking of co- sleeping as a Sleep Consultant is almost taboo. I’m not here to judge or to try and change your parenting styles. A lot of Moms do co-sleep and I’m finding it particularly common in the newborn phase. Unfortunately, studies show that co-sleeping with a baby younger than 4 months increases the risk of SIDS.

And Baby Makes 5!

The reality is- I’m so not ready for this baby. I’m not ready to be done being pregnant for the last time, for feeling Baby give me a remindful poke when I’m wandering the grocery aisle that he/she (likely a she) is with me, I enjoy being pregnant- I enjoy feeling baby move, and it makes me sad to think this will be my last time being pregnant and experiencing this.

A Sleep Consultant’s Response To Unwanted Sleep Advice

In my pre-sleep consultant days, I used to get annoyed when people would give me a hard time about catering to my child’s sleep needs. I’ve anxiously been waiting to write this blog post because I’ve got some ammo that I’m going to share with you all! Feel free to nicely inform your great aunt/neighbour/co-worker/random lady at the grocery store … Read More

Creating the Perfect Sleep Enviroment

There are strategies, we, as parents can do that will help set our children up for the most restorative and healthy sleep they can achieve. Respecting our children’s sleep needs, keeping our child on an age-appropriate sleep schedule, and creating an ideal sleep environment are my top 3. Today I am going to explain what an ideal sleep environment should look like. Enjoy!

Double Trouble

The same sleep principles apply to multiples as they do singletons. The key is getting multiples onto the same feeding and sleeping schedule. I will be referring to twins throughout this post but the exact same rules apply to triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets, John and Kate plus 8….wait I mean Kate plus 8. Anyways, you know what I mean….

Making the switch to a Big Kid’s Bed

All too often I see parents switch their two year old child to a Big Kid’s Bed in order to free the crib up for the arrival of a new baby. Getting up throughout the night to care for your newborn is exhausting enough and the last thing a new mom needs is to be having to get up, even more frequently to walk her toddler back to bed!