Early Mornings

Early mornings

You hear your babe. You look at the monitor. She’s sitting up. Wide awake. You look at the daunting time on the clock…..5:00 AM. “and it begins again…” you say to yourself.

White Noise= Sound Sleep

White noise sleep environment

There’s conflicting information floating around out there on the web regarding white noise. Some say that white noise helps babies and infants fall asleep and sleep more soundly, while others say that it is damaging to the child’s hearing. Well folks, let’s get to the nitty-gritty on this one….

Hello, Spring!

Sprig Forward Time Change

Springtime, my most favourite time of the year! Grass starts growing, windows get opened, birds are chirping, the sun stays out longer, calves are born, our gravel roads turn into mud pits, and car washes make millions! It’s a beautiful sign that we are done with the long cold winters we experience in Northern Alberta, and warm weather is imminent.