"A friend recommended Lindsey, and so I followed her, and many other sleep consultants, on Instagram for a long time before deciding she was the one we would use. She was amazing and the exact personality I needed to keep me on track! She was encouraging, knowledgeable, and caring. She always presented up to date, evidence-based information to put my mind at ease. She adjusted the plan quickly when I decided to take a different approach and answered my million and one questions (maybe more)! Thank you Lindsey!”

- Kendra Taks


“I’ll admit, I was on the fence about hiring a sleep consultant, because my 15 month old wasn’t a “horrible” sleeper. But there were definitely some habits that I needed support and accountability to break in order to give her (and me) a full, restorative night’s sleep! I was a little worried about what it’d take to get that, but Lindsey was amazing. She listened and allowed us to choose the method and ways we wanted to go about it. By following our plan, in just two nights, after 15 months of nursing to sleep and 3-4 night feeds, our little girl was sleeping through the night!! It wasn’t all easy, but Lindsey was available and talked us through the complications, and without her support and knowledge, I probably would have given up. We are SO happy we hired Lindsey. Not only is our baby sleeping more, she’s eating more, and we see so many positive changes in just one week! If you are on the fence, thinking about sleep training and working with a consultant, hire Lindsey, she’s the best.”

- Allison John


“Our family LOVES LOVES LOVES Lindsey! She is amazing! We worked together to develop healthy sleeping habits for our family and we’ve never looked back. She answered all my questions, gave me additional information when I needed it, and she encouraged me the whole way through sleep training. There were times I wasn’t sure I could keep going but she was there cheering on our family like a personal cheerleader! I am BEYOND grateful we crossed paths! I will recommend her to anyone and everyone! We did the one week training program after speaking to her and deciding that was what would be best for us and honestly at the end of the week I was a bit sad our time with Lindsey was done! She checked in daily, gave us recommendations, and tweaked our schedule until it was perfect! HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND! She changed our lives and I’m forever thankful for her!”

- Ashley Severson


“We hired Lindsey as we were desperate for sleep and to have our lives back. Our 11 month old was needing to be nursed/rocked/bounced to sleep, refused to sleep without me (co-sleeping only), and would only nap in my arms. I was unsure of trying sleep training as we’d tried it in the past with my oldest and it had left me feeling overwhelmed. But I decided to give it a go and in less than 2 weeks of working with Lindsey, our daughter was sleeping through the night (11-12 hours) in her own crib! We are still working on nailing down nap times but she’s slowly getting better every day. We cannot believe the difference, it has changed our lives! Lindsey was so supportive and super responsive throughout it all. We cannot recommend her enough. If you are debating on sleep training but are unsure don’t be, you won’t have any regrets except that you didn’t do it sooner, I promise!”

- Melanie McBean


"I cannot say enough good things about Lindsey and The Sleep Ranch! She has helped our whole family get more sleep, and more importantly helped our baby girl get the amount and quality of sleep she needs. Lindsey is so kind, helpful, resourceful, and available when you need her if you have any questions. We are SO happy we made the decision to go with The Sleep Ranch to help our daughter develop healthy sleep habits. Highly highly recommend!”

- Amy Danielle