Prepping Your Nursery For Summer


Now that the snow has (finally!) melted and the birds have made their appearance, at last I can start thinking about summer. I’m trading scarves, wool everything, and shoveling, for shorts, sun tans, and many nights by the fire. I can’t wait!

But right about now is when the client questions roll in about keeping their little ones’ rooms ready for the change in weather, or their great sleeper is suddenly up at 5 AM for the day - yikes! As the sleep expert in your life, it’s my role to help you prepare your little one for optimum comfort, effectiveness, and ease for sleeping. And you know I take my role seriously! 

There are 3 main areas to target that will really help you see the difference between being up with the sun, and getting that full night’s rest. 



Nail the Lighting

I can’t stress this enough - this is the most important area that will make or break your quality sleep. Over the winter, there are so many hours when the sun doesn’t shine (especially if you live up north like I do!), but you just can’t get away with that in the summer. So it needs to be DARK. Light tells our baby’s bodies that it’s time to get up, even if it’s too early. So you want things to be pitch black in their room so they sleep as long as they need to. Who sleeps well in a bright room? Nobody.

Blackout options - Whether you’re at home, or on the road this summer, having a blackout system is what will help you enjoy your time instead of pouring endless coffee. 

The Sleepout curtain is my new fave for so many reasons. It sets up nicely at home, or if you’re staying somewhere else, it’s quick to put up/take down. It won’t damage your window frames, and they function like regular curtains, so you can let that glorious light in once your babe is awake. Like rewards? Use code RANCH10 to enjoy 10% off your purchase!

Blackout EZ window covering  is another great way to ensure you completely seal out the light effortlessly and effectively. It also keeps the heat and cold out, which is a great bonus to keep your little one cool in the hot summer months. Both options are a game changer when it comes to waking up at a comfortable hour.

The Slumberpod is my secret weapon when it comes to sleep on the go! Especially as the amount of camping, road trips, and hotel stays increases in the summer, the Slumberpod will quickly become your best friend. This blackout tent creates your little one’s own space, even if you find yourself room sharing temporarily. Add in the Slumberpod fan to circulate the air and you’ve got a private oasis! Pretty luxurious, I would say. Use code SLEEPRANCH to save $20 off your purchase!

Nail the Temperature

You’ll also find some of these goodies in one of my classic posts on Creating an Effective Nursery. It’s where I’ll teach you how to ditch the swoon-worthy (and pricey!) items, and trade them for practical, safe options that will actually support quality sleep. But temperature is also a key factor in sleep success! Ideally you want your baby’s room to sit somewhere between 19-21 degrees Celsius (or 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit!). You want it cool, without being cold. 

So what can help to regulate the temperature, especially as the weather heats up outside?

Air conditioning is the simplest and most effective way to keep cool in the heat. But if your house is like mine, it doesn’t have it! So I’ve had to get more creative.

My secret hack is to use an oscillating fan, and put a big bowl of ice in front of it. The temp coming off the ice is quite cool, and then the fan pushes that cooler air around. So simple, so genius.

As far as what goes on the baby, it might mean less layers. You might think it’s counterintuitive, but for regular summer days I recommend the Woolino sleep sack because wool breathes without overheating (and save 10% with SLEEPRANCH10 !), or you can have a lighter TOG weight for baby’s sleep sack. 

Buuuut if it’s really hot, then of course no sleep sack will be much more comfortable. Go with either light jammies like Lark pjs that are specifically designed to be breathable in the summer, or just no jammies if it’s that hot. A short sleeved onesie or right in their diaper can help them keep cool. 

Nail the Safety

Obviously safety is the #1 priority in all circumstances. So along with the tips above, remember these:

Keep your little one hydrated. If they’re 6 months and under, exclusively offer the breast or bottle more frequently. If they’re older than 6 months, offer those or they can also have a bit of water. 

The other way you want to keep your little one safe is to keep a baby monitor in the room. Nobody falls asleep as easily when they’re warm, so it might take a little extra time and settling to go to bed - and that’s okay! Remember those campfires I was talking about? We still got to enjoy our summer evenings, but I kept the monitor with me so I could keep tabs on my girlies while they slept - especially if it was hot out!

When in doubt, I’m always here for you. Contact me directly if you’re struggling, and we’ll find a resolution. Or check out my services if you’d rather do the shopping part yourself! Sleep doesn’t have to be complicated, but it sure is life changing! I’ll help make it happen.


Pssst! Yes, there are affiliate links in this post, so I do get a teensy kickback if you buy them. But I think we’re close enough to know that I would only tell you about products that I truly love! 


Safe sleep practices help everyone rest a little easier. I’m happy to be part of your journey to make that happen!