And Baby Makes 5!

If you scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, you will see hundreds of pictures of Moms-To-Be dressed up in adorable outfits that show off their bump in the cutest of ways. Or you’ll see a mom with a new baby snuggling her child in bed and ‘soaking it all in’. I mean, pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and not all women are fortunate enough to experience it, but my experience with my first pregnancy compared to this one is night vs day.

With our first daughter, we did WEEKLY (OMG) pictures of me posing all cute with a sign in the background saying how big Baby was and what exciting pregnancy thing happened that week. She had the most beautiful woodland themed nursery waiting for her at home and was modelled in $500 newborn photographs.

I’m 7 months pregnant with my 3rd baby and want to know how many pregnancy pictures I have this round? Maybe 3. And none of those are of me posing with my hair all cute- they consist of my other 2 children climbing all over me, and I’m wearing clothes that a pregnant lady should not be squeezing into (I refuse to buy more maternity clothes at this point) or my husband’s shirts (that I know secretly annoy him as I stretch the tummy area).


Something happened the other day and reality seemed to hit. We are going to be having a new family member. We will be a family of 5. My girls will be BIG SISTERS. My oldest is so excited and hopes it’s a girl (because girls are born with headbands- don’t ya know), but I don’t think my youngest will take it very well. A new baby taking up Mom’s time and attention. I remember the adjustment my oldest made when she was no longer the only child- she wasn’t impressed...


The reality is- I’m so not ready for this baby. I’m not ready to be done being pregnant for the last time, for feeling Baby give me a remindful poke when I’m wandering the grocery aisle that he/she (likely a she) is with me, I enjoy being pregnant- I enjoy feeling baby move, and it makes me sad to think this will be my last time being pregnant and experiencing this. I remember with my second, wondering how on earth I was going to love another baby as much as I loved my first- and I’m excited to go through feeling my heart grow for another little human. However, I’m worried about how my girls will react to the change. We don’t even have a bedroom for this baby (literally). 

So for right now, I’m in no rush with this pregnancy and will enjoy every last bit of heartburn, the inability to put on my own socks, taking advantage of people offering me their seats, getting smiles from random strangers when they look at my belly (people are really nice to pregnant women) and my husband offering foot rubs and drives to town to get me snacks. You just stay in there, Baby Hennigar.